connecting to remote mysql server from ios app

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  1. Please explain the way that how can we connect to remote mysql server in our ios app and fetching and inserting and updating that database after establishing the connection.
  2. iosman

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    You need some sort of service layer in between that can provide a SOAP or REST API
  3. saud

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    Did you get the answer to your question?
  4. princess_affair

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    I guess he did as he did not bother replying ;)
  5. xsd

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    Dear Objective-C coders,

    I am interested in getting a sample XCode project thru which one can use MySQL (remote) as backend and perform a sign-up thru (website) php call.

    I only know Objective-C so old code is also fine (no need for Swift). Please send it to me or share GitHub project URL. Thanks in advance.
  6. Anees Masudi

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    i guess experts has explained it quite briefly and everyone could understand it easily now.

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