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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Efi, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Efi

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    I'm a very new iOS mobile developer (actually a new developer in general).
    I hope it's OK to ask it here, but it would really help me to hear your opinion:
    I am developing some applications in order to:
    1. Practice
    2. Be able to show my work when I get interviewed in the near future.
    I would like to cover as many important areas in app development as I can.
    Currently I have one weather application (that shows my ability to fetch data from urls, use core data, use segues and build a basic UI).

    What I need from you is a list of the areas I should cover when I think of building my next apps,
    like using sensors and detect user movement, for example.
    Your input is incredibly important for me right now.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. saud

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    Efi, are you using Swift?
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  3. Efi

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    Yes, I'm using Swift, forgot to mention.
  4. This is an attractive question. Ideally, you would do the same thing you would if you required to build an app not for a portfolio. Start by identifying a problem that you feel like you can solve and then solve it in the best way possible.
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  5. Efi

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    Thanks. I thought it would make sense to go the other way around and consider first areas I should cover.
    I can easily do more of the same and not learn from it a lot.
  6. Efi

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    I would be glad to read your educated opinion. :)
  7. Efi

    Efi Newbie

    My second. I know Java.
  8. Java used mostly now a days. BTW good look with the development.

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