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    Hi guys,
    i'm looking for a good solution for make my chat app. I need to know some good and easy framework if exist :)

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    What kind of framework? What features are you willing to provide? Please provide a little more information so that the board can give you an educated answer. Cheers.
  3. saud

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    Oh and also try to add what target device i.e. ipad/watch etc you are trying to target. Thanks
  4. You can go with Multipeer Connectivity Framework for chat apps. Before that, please provide complete information then can suggest a good and easy framework.
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    Building the App
    Now we’re ready to build the app. Create a Chat.php file under the class/ChatApp directory. This would be a class under the ChatApp namespace, and it would use use Ratchet’s MessageComponentInterface andConnectionInterface. The MessageComponentInterface is used as the basic building block for Ratchet applications, while the ConnectionInterface represents the connection to the application.


    Have the class implement the MessageComponentInterface. This contains the blueprint for the methods that we need to implement such as onOpen, onClose and onMessage.


    Inside the class, we declare a variable called $clients. This is where we will store a list of currently connected clients in our chat app later on. From the constructor, you will see that we’re using SplObjectStorage. This provides a way for us to store objects. In this case, the object that we need to store is the connection object for each client.

    protected $clients;

    publicfunction __construct(){
    $this->clients =new \SplObjectStorage;
    Next, we implement the onOpen method. This method is called every time a new connection is opened in the browser. What this does is store the new connection object using the attach method. We also output that someone has connected as a means of testing if the onOpen method is working correctly.

    publicfunction onOpen(ConnectionInterface $conn){
    //store the new connection

    echo "someone connected\n";
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    Try Firebase by Google. Search github 'firechat-ios'
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    Hey, I have a udemy tutorial on this! In the udemy site, look up: Build a powerful IOS Chat App in Swift 3 (with Pagination)
  8. Thanks for share it.
    Our human being want for real-time conversation has officially evolved from SMS texts with our friends to just about any online communication with anyone. That’s why we’re seeing a go up of chat features in more than just chat-based apps.

    When you think about online businesses with chat, client service is usually the first thing that comes to mind.
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    Could any one explain about Architect of android training course.Apart from below topic,any other topic that i have to learn.

    Android frameworks
    android applications

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    Multipeer Connectivity Framework is for chat applications. Explain the full definition of apps for the good suggestion.
  11. Firebase a good choice to build a chat app.
  12. Thanks for this solution.. its working
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    • Erlang: This is the main programming language on which the massively popular chat apps Whatsapp and WeChat are built from. ...
    • YAWS: Manage your multimedia with YAWS, a high-performance web server developed for apps with high loads of dynamic content streaming in and out.
    • For better implementation of chat developement android developement is the good options
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