Best Way To Get Started With Mac Development

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Development' started by iosman, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. iosman

    iosman Level 1 Regular Member

    I just recently got my first mac. I do lots of programming on windows but now I want to get into Mac development. What are some languages i should know or tools i should use to get started with mac development?
  2. jini01

    jini01 Newbie

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  3. saud

    saud Administrator Staff Member

    Yup have the same book :)
  4. Ankit

    Ankit Newbie

  5. rickbrown

    rickbrown Newbie

    It will be the best option if you will get started with basic C / C++.
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  6. Jack Carter

    Jack Carter Newbie

    mac is the best option for fast programming.

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