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    Seeking your knowledge on what will be acceptable to Apple for our roll out.

    Our end goal is a subscription service for $x a month you get y items of your choice shipped to you.

    Before being able to take payment/have paid members/ship items/purchase inventory, we want to drive traffic through social to our app, and also be able to throttle the amount of paid members and shipments we get to control growth.

    Ideally we would like our app to 'onboard' potential customers with our offering, have them sign up for a free account via FB/IG/PI and fill out a profile. Then they receive their spot in our 'queue' for an invitation later, to access the full app (this part has not been built yet).

    Is there any aspect of doing an 'onboarding and invitation queue only' that Apple will disallow?

    If so, what if you are onboarded, create a profile, receive invitation queue spot AND are able to rate items in our inventory, which you can receive as part of your subscription later when you sign up as a paid member. In otherwords, a 'Tinder style app waiting to become a paid dating app'.

    Would this be acceptable and also be able to get listed in the proper category, say 'apparel subscriptions' or similar?

    Lastly, when we do launch (offer subscription and shipping) we need to restrict paid members to a certain major US only (or our US state only). What is the proper handling of this as I know it is often done with startups, but heard it can be problematic?

    We are not planning on having the entire app experience on our website, as we want to be app-centric.

    Any thoughts/wisdom are very appreciated. Thanks
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