Beginning Today All My iOS App Templates Are $20

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  1. Each iOS/Android App Template is fully documented to help you understand the code if you’re wondering how something was added to the app.

    With the Live Stream iOS/Android App, you get your hands on a complete social network with the following features. For the normal user:

    • iOS App Version 11.0 and Up
    • Android App Version 5.0 and Up
    • Login with a Twitter account
    • Stream Live Videos
    • Follow your friends and beloved ones
    • Like and comment your friends’ Live streams
    • Stay in touch with your friends, be part of their life
    • Share Live streams on your Twitter account
    • Edit and personalize your profile picture
    • Get notified when something happens by the activity system and push notifications
    For the developer and operator of the project:

    • Clean and fully documented code, written in Java(Android) & Swift(iOS) with a full documentation file in .html and .pdf and a detailed Setup Guide.
    • Full control over your user- and database via the PhpMyAdmin
    • Set links to privacy and terms of use web pages
    • Set a personal support mail

    -Snapchat Clone: iOS Camera app with editing photo editing features, custom filter from your server, and website files to accept custom filter uploads along with Paypal payment processing.

    -Mirror App Clone:

    Complete camera app for makeup and photo editing features and in-app purchases.

    -App Landing Page Site Template

    Head over to www Empireappdesignz com

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