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Discussion in 'Xcode tips and tricks' started by genesis, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. genesis

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    I am new to the Xcode environment. Having had development experience with Eclipse & Visual Studio, I was looking for a auto-correct tool in Xcode. Unfortunately, I couldnt find one. Any idea if it exists or how to bring it up?


    myObject.newField = 2;
    Xcode complains the fact that newField does not exist. In visual studio (with resharper) I could hit a shortcut and it would create the new field for me. Or perhaps, create a method that did not exist.


    Edit To clarify the question, I am trying to use the auto-correct tool as a means to create new vars and methods.
  2. ipscott

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    Xcode does not have the feature you are describing. It won't offer to create a declaration when you use an undeclared variable or method.

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