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    In a contrary to Google Play the iTunes App Store doesn’t provide an opportunity to present an app’s video demo right next to it’s description and screenshots. But still - a video demo for iOS app store as powerful promotional tool as for the Android’s Google Play market. Until last year April when you needed to promote your video you either had to approach a third party agency or contact people from questionable websites where you could promote your video cheap but you quite often you might end up with questionable results.

    No more - in April 2012 Google AdWords expanded its services portfolio with a video promotion. A year later I can testify that the solution is really matured and right now presents full-featured, robust, effective tool to deliver a video message to your potential app users. If you ever had an experience of launching text ad on AdWords you won’t be surprised by the way you launch an ad for a video. Your ad campaign will consist of 3 major components - Ads, Videos and Targets. First two are kind of self-explanatory ones and the latter one is about defining your targeting audience, including mobile devices, down to specific mobile OS, targeting.

    There are two important things to mention. First - to be able to launch a video promotion on your AdWords account you need to plug your YouTube account to your Google AdWords one and once you’re done you’ll see a new menu item “All Video Campaigns” at the left bottom corner.
    Second - every video ad comes through approval process and it may take up to 72 hours, my advice - don’t wait, use the built-in Chat Help support system to reach out a very friendly person, who will speed up the process and will be able to address your questions. Oh and one more thing - if you struggle with a video production itself you can approach folks from Commotion Engine or ReWatchable - both companies do a great job of producing high quality video demos of various complexity.
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    So what exactly are you advertising in your post? I am not clear
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    The Easter bunny, you just can't see him - he's hiding behind the post :)

    I want to bring app developers attention to a video demo promotion that does work. As simple as that, cause I remember over the last couple years there have been talks about Google AdWords (original text ad offer) and if it's capable of producing meaningful results.
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    very useful . Thank You Combo App

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