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Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by babayaga, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. babayaga

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    Hi all
    I'm a newbie, wanted to start developing applications for IPhone.
    I thought I'll start with a nice small application that basically make the icons do the Harlem shake :)

    My questions are, Can an application change the home screen?
    Can it make the icons change/move/switch places...?
    Can it do stuff to the "unlock screen" slider (same as I want to do with the icons)?

    Thanks in advance
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  2. genesis

    genesis Level 1 Regular Member

    No that is not possible as iOS apps operate in their own sandbox. Only exception is if you are using a jail broken version of iOS but then you will be unable to sell app on app store.
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  3. you can use your idea as a screen saver app which can run when the icon is clicked.
  4. jodimello

    jodimello Newbie

    Take a look at an app called Shark Fingers! 3D Interactive Aquarium on the AppStore. It makes use of the home screen and does modifications to it. It uses a screenshot of your homescreen i think. You could use that method. if you want to add bells and whistles to your app, you could probably approach an iphone app development company with your requirements.
  5. genesis

    genesis Level 1 Regular Member

    jodimello, that is actually a great idea to take screen shot of home screen. I am not sure why I did not think of that.
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  6. jodimello

    jodimello Newbie

    It sure is, genesis. You could do all sorts of modifications with the screenshot, and still not have to make it jailbreak-only by walking down this road :)
  7. Use “Winterboard” it will allow you to change the home screen layout as well as lock screen layout. You can get it from cydia...
  8. Goer

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  9. jsliu

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    I think if you want to learn IOS program from beginning, you'd better to start from basic stuff, then learning with a real project. I suggest you learn storyboard first. It is also my first lesson when I start a IOS project. Check this will help you.

    IOS Object C Storyboard Programming Tips
  10. damponting44

    damponting44 Banned

    It beyond any doubt is, beginning. You could do a wide range of alterations with the screenshot, and still not need to make it escape just by strolling down this street :)
  11. damponting44

    damponting44 Banned

    ya...its 100% possible..

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