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  1. You need to start with ASO. The more you can do to optimize your App store listing page, the better your App will rank in the App stores

    The needed ASO steps:

    1. Keyword Preparation. Make brain storm of the most relevant words you would search your app in the Store . Then write down the keywords from your compatitors and combine the keywords into one list.
    2. Title and Description Optimization. Pay attention that you need 100% put the search words into the app's name and first lines of description. Note that you should keep a balance of keywords repetition, avoid the keyword spam so yoг will be out of App Store ban.
    3. Visual elements. To be confident in your visual constituents - you need to make efforts to your design: app icon (laconic and reflecting the sense of app), screen shots (the main steps of using your app should be reflecting there) and video.

    Then it's common fact that you need enough traffic to boost your app position to top charts in App Store, so there will be the opportunity to make a big flow of organic installs.

    Traffic driving sources:

    • app installs. Usually incent traffic is launched to make big volumes within short period. KeenMobi - top installs provider which helps thousand of apps to get new installs flow.
    • positive reviews. Increase the average rating status, build positive reputation and are important factor for App Store ranking algorithm.
    • keyword installs. Search availability is reached due to decent amount of installs made by keyword request from users, You need a lot of keyword installs to make your app suggested by certain keyword request ( guaranteed TOP 1-5 keyword position can be ordered via Skype: " keenmobi"
    Other activity which significantly help you to promote app is posting in social media and different Q&A platforms:

    • iOS app forums
    • iOS facebook groups
    • LinkedIn
    • Reddit
    • Twiteer

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