Anyone want to take a chance on me?

Discussion in 'iOS Game Development' started by the_kid, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. the_kid

    the_kid Newbie

    I know everyone hates the idea guy that can't code.

    However, I've got a designed and tested (100+ hours against humans) card game that I think would make a great app. It's based on American football, and uses Ace-9 of a standard deck plus the kings as defensive playcalls. I don't have the AI done, but I think that would take roughly a week of me writing things like "If condition Y, then do A 80% of the time, B 15%, and C 5%."

    Anyway, I've played it quite a bit with other people who were always happy to play with me. They are hoping I can find someone to develop it as well.

    So I know this is a long shot, but if anyone is interested, let me know. I propose an 85/15 split, me taking the low end of course. I'm assuming stock graphics (playing cards) would be easily found.

  2. appman

    appman Newbie

    Hey that sounds pretty cool. I would be interested in learning more. PM me.
  3. the_kid

    the_kid Newbie

    I sent a pm, not sure if it got to you...didn't show up in sent messages.
  4. appman

    appman Newbie

    Yes I got it. I will review and get back shortly.
  5. boomstick

    boomstick Super Moderator Staff Member

    what would you call the game?
  6. the_kid

    the_kid Newbie

    "Gridiron Kings"
  7. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    Hey the_kid .
    I was in your situation a couple of months ago.
    I contacted a (small) game developer firm and asked for a deal. I told them my idea and we splitt the profits 45%/55% (55% to me).
  8. genesis

    genesis Level 1 Regular Member

    Did it work out for you? Were you able to get the proceeds etc without any problems?
  9. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    English is not my main language so i dont quite understand what you meen by proceeds.

    But the deal worked out for me. I had to spit in a bit of money myself , but not that mutch. The game will be on the app store in about a week.
    The important thing is to get a contract signed before you do anything.
  10. genesis

    genesis Level 1 Regular Member

    You answered the question perfectly. Thank You for sharing the details.
  11. thorep

    thorep Newbie

    Good i can help:)
    My game is called Quizzer , it will be on the app store soon. (couple of days).
    Check it out , i got that game done by the help of developers that took a chance on me.
  12. genesis

    genesis Level 1 Regular Member

    Sweet. I will surely download it.
  13. the_kid

    the_kid Newbie

    Thanks for the replies, but I think I got my zombie coder friend reanimated and I think we're actually going to try it I've just got to work on the AI....
  14. genesis

    genesis Level 1 Regular Member

    Keep us posted then. I would like to see how this can work. I mean I can see the challenges etc.
  15. ethansamuel17

    ethansamuel17 Newbie

    The idea of the game is well suited but I think you should contact some game developing firm which can provide you more guidance with finest developing skills.
  16. genesis

    genesis Level 1 Regular Member

    Good post Ethan. Game development is a little more specialized and yes in this case it would make more sense to go with one.
  17. sounds like a cool game send me the details as well please
  18. Lucia

    Lucia Newbie

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  19. Ankit

    Ankit Newbie

    Your idea is strong and is capable to develop a game but only a guy who gives idea cant develop such types of game or application too.
  20. ...and I hope they told you where to go if an idea is all you are contributing.

    In all seriousness making games takes a long time. Time spent on any such project by a developer in relation to the idea guy it going to be 99.9% vs 0.1%

    You see the developer is taking all the risk - if the project takes 6 months and fails and they do fail more than they succeed then it is the developer who loses out big time in this case. They have invested time which is loss earning from getting a proper wage. From day 1 when the game is finally released you stand to profit and it could be a year before the developer makes any profit, if at all. Just in case you are wondering how this is so, their initial earnings from the sales will go towards making up for lost earnings. Any money made beyond lost earnings then becomes profit to them.

    Why would anyone talking 99.9% of the risk and give away 55% and see no initial profit on a project that statistically has a high risk of failure?

    You have to give up more than just an idea. Are you going to do the artwork? Pay someone for the artwork? Sourcing Sound FX? Do any voice over? Writing a storyboard? Do the marketing? Creating the promotional video? Put a website together?

    Without any of those things the best you deserve is 0% and your name in the credits.

    If you still think my comment is harsh then name a single company that is built on this business model whereby someone is sat at a desk dishing out ideas by the bucket load to hundred of developers who are willing to do free work in exchange for giving 55% of the profit.
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