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    duck army is now for mobile owner, however, its name contains the word of bird but this game also contains duck and deer hunting! Archery bird hunter is the best and most realistic archery 2D simulation game for you. Archery bird hunter delivers a realistic archery experience between all archetype games, amazing and deferent color birds ducks and deer of Archery bird hunter make it more interesting. Shoot arrows at birds ducks and deer to kill them and get coins and the coins are usable to buy hunting equipment from the shop of Archery bird hunter game. For more enjoyment of the Archery bird hunting game, we add burning Arrow in the game when a player uses this option the arrow will burn hunted birds and ducks.

    A running horse is also added to the game which brings gifts such as a burning arrow, coins, and arrows.

    For every level, the number of birds or ducks is shown in a table at the beginning of the level, if you hunt all of them the level becomes complete and another level be unlocked or you can unlock another level by spending achieved coins.

    Archery bird hunter consists of several levels, Level one of Archery bird hunter is a place with a tree and a dog, birds sit on the tree when you hunt bird dog collects hunted birds in a basket.

    Level two of Archery bird hunter is near to the river, ducks fly over the river and if you don’t shot for about 5-10 seconds ducks will sit in the water and the hunting of duck become easy.

    The third level of Archery bird hunter is with a chariot which follows birds in forest and you hunt them

    The fourth level of Archery bird hunter is with a boat which the player drives in the river and follows duck and hunt them.
    The fifth level of Archery bird hunter is deer hunting, deer run over the green hill and you shoot on them.
    The sixth level of Archery bird hunter also deer hunting, but in this level, the player follows deer using a chariot of the vehicle to hunt deer.


    Other levels of Archery bird hunter will be added soon.

    Archery bird hunter game also consists of a shop which players can buy hunting equipment.

    How to play duck army game
    ★ Swipe on the bow (arch), pull or rotate it, if you release the arrow is shot.
    ★In each level hunted and achieved coins are shown in a table.
    ★ Tap on the shop button and buy needs of hunting
    ★ if you see a running horse try to touch on this as much as you, this will gives you gifts.

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