Air horn sounds Effects

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    Through this app you can play pranks with your friends, wake up them or scare them by various sounds effects.

    You just need to select the sound effect from the list of given sounds and long press on the selected sound, the sound will play with cool vibrate animation. The sounds include in application are, Air horn, Steering wheels, Saxhorn, French horn, Police siren, sirens and horns , fire alarm bell, whistle, Fail button, Laser light, card, fire , perfume, camera, pistol, snake, clap, fire work, Spring, Fighter jet, Phone vibration, cloud, radio, bell and much more.


    - Graphical interface with nice sound meter

    - The airn horn will shake when you play the sound

    - The best quality sound from an real world air horn

    - Loud high quality Horns and Sirens

    - Toggle continuous play via Loop button

    - Tablet friendly

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